Means4 is committed to offer to their customers the best results at the most affordable prices. To do so we use all the necessary means in respect to both hardware and software.


TDM (Time Division Multiplexing)

We have long time earned experience on various technologies, We are partners with many vendors and we are following their development for many years. We can offer A grade installations on various PBXs such as ELMEG, AstraDeTeWe, Siemens and panasonic.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Means4 is not only following the advancements of technology but it is part of it. We are investing not only money but loads of time in order to achieve a high quality of services to our customers. We are ready for the forthcoming standards of telephony and the new advancements that may emerge. We are proud for a numerous of VoIP installations to small and medium business. We are also ready to build on different platforms such as Asterisk SipXfoundry,3CX, etc depending on the requirements and the standards the customer demands.


We believe that the physical means is key part of the sustainability of a network of any scale.. We know by experience that cabling is a fraction of the total cost of a network with the highest ROI. We ensure our customers for a well designed and perfectly implemented cabling for their business.

Cat5e & 6

Means4 has designed and implemented many Cat5,5e and Cat 6 structure cabling installations of various scales with great success. We are able to provide any kind of service in regard to design, implementation, certification and labeling to your business.

Cat 7

Means4 is ready for the next level on cabling standards of Cat7.


We are able to provide your business with faster safer and more convenient use of traditional technologies like fax. We introduce the decrease of wasted paper and ink and clutter of delivered and undelivered faxes with functions such as e-mail to fax, and fax to e-mail. We would be happy to address your needs either as an in premise system installation either as a service from our dedicated servers.